Compost (40L)

Compost (40L)

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If you want to make your garden as environmentally friendly as possible then A Good Life Compost is just for you.

This high quality compost / soil conditioner is made in Shropshire from green waste collected within the county. It is peat-free, locally produced and has low compost-miles!

A Good Life Compost gives nutrients and structure back to the soil, improving soil fertility. Adding a layer to your vegetable beds and flower borders will improve heavy clay soils or add organic matter to any soil type to promote healthy plant growth. It acts a slow release fertiliser, improves drainage and water retention within the soil. It is suitable for general garden use but we would not recommend using as a potting compost.

Our compost is PAS100 certified and passes the Quality Compost Protocol 2007, which means it has been produced to a very high standard ensuring consistency and quality.