Frank's Gluten Free Cherry Shortbread

Frank's Gluten Free Cherry Shortbread




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Real cherries mixed into our delightful Gluten Free Shortbread mix. Made in a safe environment with 100% real butter!

Food facts

It is so hard to find affordable, tasty Gluten Free biscuits or Gluten Free shortbread biscuits that don’t have a texture of cardboard! We have spent many hours working in the kitchens and researching the perfect Gluten Free recipes. As a result, all of our Gluten Free shortbread biscuit range look great and taste so nice you can’t tell they are made without Gluten!

We take Gluten allergies seriously and ensure all our products are made in a clean and safe environment, so no cross contamination can occur. We even send our products off to be tested so customers can simply relax and enjoy what they are eating.