Oldfields Medium Dry Cider (500mL)

Oldfields Medium Dry Cider (500mL)





This medium dry cider combines natural freshly cut apple flavour with gentle tannins from the skins and pips giving a wonderfully tingly mouthfeel. Very quaffable, it is a great accompaniment to spicy food.
STYLE: Sparkling & bright, zingy, very refreshing
SEE: Clear, bright and golden, a sparkle on opening
TASTE: Apple juice, zingy on tongue, gentle tannins
SMELL: Lively aroma of freshly cut apples.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)


Food facts

This cider has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication status as a real Worcestershire Cider. This means it contains 100% bittersweet cider apples grown and pressed in Worcestershire and contains no artificial sugars or flavours.

Contains sulphites to preserve freshness. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Gluten free.


Shropshire/Worcestershire borders