Oldfields Medium Sweet CIder (500mL)

Oldfields Medium Sweet CIder (500mL)





Our award-winning medium sweet cider is packed full of natural apple flavour and fruity sweetness. When we say 'sweet' we mean sweet-ish because it's well balanced and not too sugary or syrupy. Balance is important too, it has gentle acidity and a little tannin from the apple pips and skins.
STYLE: Sparkling, bright and refreshing
SEE: Clear, bright and golden
TASTE: Ripe, juicy apples, fresh acidity, a hint of tannin
SMELL: Very appealing aroma of ripe apples

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)


Food facts

This cider has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication status as a real Worcestershire Cider. This means it contains 100% bittersweet cider apples grown and pressed in Worcestershire and contains no artificial sugars or flavours.

It has been sterile cold filtered and contains sulphites to preserve freshness. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free.


Shropshire / Worcestershire borders