Wood's Brewery Shropshire Lad (500mL)

Wood's Brewery Shropshire Lad (500mL)





A Spring Bitter.
Brewed slightly stronger than our draught Shropshire Lad, this best seller has all the character of its cask version and more.
In these days of golden style ales this well rounded chestnut coloured beer harks back to an earlier age.

Alcohol By Volume (ABV)


Food facts

“Lad” is now our best seller and its well rounded malty flavour is evocative of the county and a bucolic lifestyle. Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts combine to give a sweetish draught followed by a subtle bitterness and fruity overtones from the infusion of traditional Fuggles and Goldings hops from the neighboring hop fields of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


Wistanstow, Shropshire