10 acres of mixed pasture land and potato fields, purchased by the family back in the early 1980’s

Now used to home our small flock of rare breed Shropshire and Badger-Faced Sheep, around a hundred truly free-range Chickens, a few ducks and the occasional Tamworth/ Gloucester Old Spot pig or two!

The ‘new’ Vegetable Patch & Polytunnel was first planted in the Spring of 2012, when we noticed a shortage of fresh, Shropshire Sown, fruit and veg for our new business!

We like to grow a wide choice of old fashioned Heritage and Heirloom fruit & vegetable varieties – the valuable seed stock of which has been passed down through many generations, because of their excellent flavour. Many of which are no longer available in the Supermarkets, simply because they’re not always suitable for modern intensive agriculture/horticulture techniques.

We endeavour to use low intensive, free range & natural methods to produce all of our own crops, meat and eggs – with minimal disruption to the Natural environment.