Now run by Sarah Ellson Shropshire’s Own was originally formed by Duncan and Sarah back in 2012. Born from a love of fresh, local, produce, we’d always enjoyed shopping in local farm shops but found we’d often leave frustrated because we couldn’t buy everything we wanted in one place. We’d then shop online with one of the supermarkets and have our order delivered - so we thought why not provide the same delivery service with a new online farm shop, here in Shropshire?

Shropshire's Own started out as an 'online only' venture, and then we took on our first real life, bricks and mortar village shop (and Post Office) back in 2014. We have now parted ways with the Post Office and started an exciting new adventure as Longden Village Stores, at the Tankerville Arms.

Take a good look around our store today and you’ll find an amazing variety of local Shropshire food, fresh farm produce and local artisan-made goods. All from our network of over 50 local farmers, growers and producers, along with eggs from our own free range chickens (& ducks), and our own heritage & heirloom variety ‘Shropshire sown’ vegetables.

For added convenience, we've now added the full range of everday/branded items you'd expect to find in your local village shop to the website, so that they can be included with your online order - just look out for the various 'Village Store' categories when browsing our Online Shop!

Meet the team

As much as we love it, we couldn't do this all on our own, and we rely on our small, growing band of merry helpers...

Kim & Laura - A keen gardener as well as being our weekend helper, Kim often comes along to work with armfuls of her freshly picked veg! Laura joined us last year, and has fitted in really quickly

Bev & Caroline - Bev and Caroline have both recently joined, and quickly learned the ropes. Their help has been invaluable over the last few months

Stephen - Stephen has recently returned to help out in the new-look shop

Jo - Jo has been volunteering as a delivery driver, helping deliver great tasting, fresh, local produce to peoples homes during the pandemic

Keep up to date

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