The Patch sits in a beautiful part of the county, just one mile outside of Longden. With views over Caradoc and the Longmynd it really is our little paradise.

We established the Patch in Spring of 2012, when we constructed a polytunnel and a fenced vegetable patch. Formally a 10 acre smallholding purchased by the Wilson family back in the early 1980's.

Sarah held on to one acre where we grow old fashioned Heritage and Heirloom vegetables, flowering perennials and soft fruit. Recently we added a small orchard, which will provide apples, pears and plums over the years to come.

Everything is grown organically, using low intensive & natural methods to produce all of our crops.

We also have a Crop to Shop scheme which uses customers surplus produce in exchange for credit in the shop.

The Patch

The Patch