Heartsease Farm

25 years ago when William Watkins returned to the family farm, from university, and decided to sell water rather than the sheep and cattle, the Radnor Hills journey began! "Unbelievably last year we produced 175 million bottles on our site in Radnorshire. This year we are putting in a new line that will create the capacity to produce 300 million.

Central to our business belief is to create products that look and particularly taste better than those of our competitors. With that central core value in mind I have assembled a team of experts in developing and producing delicious products. This is where some great ideas turn into reality!

As a company we want to make the world a better place than it was before we started, so we are very keen to continually challenge and improve our environmental credentials, we work closely with our community and support many local charities (as well as national), and we are an important employer in this rural part of the country…"

Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company Limited
United Kingdom

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