Pixley Berries

Blakcurrant cordials & juices produced using homegrown blackcurrants, in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.
"We live for the taste, flavour, aroma and colour derived from the fruits we squeeze and supply a naturally delicious Cordial which contains lashing of juice, sugar, and water. Nothing else.

Edward is passionate about the environment and about creating juices with real flavour - the berry fruits, the pome fruits and now rhubarb. He's also prepared to take risks as seen by his replanting programme, bringing in new blackcurrant varieties in response to changing and increasingly variable weather rooted in Climate Change. His forward thinking is also shown by the commissioning of his own 'Pressoir', the only blackcurrant grower in Britain to be entirely vertically integrated and in control of every element of his production, from the soil to shelf, bush to bottle.

Edward, Alan, Mary and the Team
The Juice
Nr Ledbury
United Kingdom