Richard C. Swift Ltd

Our bakery creates its doughs from scratch which basically means we take basic ingredients and produce our doughs from there. This can be quite time consuming as with some doughs it can require pre-fermentation before making and a B.F.T. (Bulk Fermentation Time) after mixing.

We do not use any colourings, flavourings, additives or preservatives in our processes. The flavours in our bread are created by the flour and ingredients used, through the fermentation time and baking process.

We use a range of flours in our production from English/Canadian wheats in white and wholemeal, to Italian flours for our Italian breads, and authentic French flours for our French breads which includes the Label Rouge (guarantees the highest quality wheat and no use of soya based products or emulsifiers).

Where our recipes allow we use fresh ingredients, such as herbs and garlic to give an authentic taste.

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Clee Hill
United Kingdom

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