Shropshire Granola

"Hiya! Alexandra here, I just wanted to give you a little insight into Shropshire Granola, my 'baby'!

I started making granola years ago for my children, as I wanted to give them something healthy and nutritious to start the day and something that would keep them full! As I'm sure you know, if you look at the cereals on the shelves today, you'll see most are full of horrible, sugary rubbish. Well, not our granola!! We only use honey to sweeten it, we don't use any additives or preservatives and our oats are wholegrain. I've always tried to buy local produce and knew that Shropshire had lots of high quality ingredients available to me, so I incorporated as many as I could find. It took me a while refining my recipe but eventually I had a no salt, high fibre, REALLY yummy breakfast for my family.

I was soon making so much for family and friends; I thought it would be fantastic to bring a locally sourced, healthy breakfast to a wider audience, so I started selling it to the people of my home town, Bridgnorth. I had a busy little market stall in the town centre and soon had enquiries from delis and Farm Shops too! Within a few weeks, things got so busy I had to enlist the help of my sister Jeni. She is now my partner in crime (double trouble!) and so Shropshire Granola is very much a local, family-run business.

We use the very best Shropshire Jumbo Rolled Oats, Shropshire Rapeseed Oil and Pure Shropshire Honey in all of our granolas, as you will see the taste is super fresh and delicious!"
Alexandra Anderson
Shropshire Granola
Managing Director

Jeni & Alexandra Anderson
TQ12 6TQ
United Kingdom