Wessex Mill

Wessex Mill are small family flour mill based in Wantage, Oxfordshire. The Munsey family have been milling Oxfordshire for over a 100 years. The mill is currently run by fourth generation flour miller Paul, with his daughter Emily studying to become a miller as well.

The flour is milled using local wheat that is collected from farms surrounding the mill. They select the best wheat with high quality gluten by testing samples before bringing it to the mill. They store the wheats from each farm separately without batching. Allowing them to carefully select the wheats that are mixed together for the grist to produce quality consistent flour.

Wessex Mill is a traditional roller milling process, as opposed to the modern energy intensive method of debranning the wheat before grinding it into flour. They mill the flour slowly; this means the flour doesn't heat up as much as other flour mills, preventing the protein from damage.

The consistency of the flour is down to buying good wheat. The area around the mill produces some of the best wheats in the UK. They buy from local farms and pick the wheat up with their own lorries

You can find the names of the farms that they use on the packet.
Their sales are climbing each year as the word gets around that their flour gives excellent results, making bread making easy and rewarding.

Wessex Mill Clarks (Wantage) Ltd
Wessex Mill
Mill Street
OX12 9AB
United Kingdom

Tel: 01235 768 991


Email: sales@wessexmill.co.uk

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